Monkey Limousine

by Monkey Limousine

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"Eventually everybody takes a ride in the Monkey Limousine"


released March 11, 2017

All songs written, produced and recorded by Dennis Stahl
Performed by Dennis Stahl and The Primate Passengers



all rights reserved


Monkey Limousine Los Angeles, California

Monkey Limousine is an endless musical project with the intention of including all of my friends to eventually join me in at least one recording. So get ready to take a ride!

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Track Name: Church Music
Wanna reason to sing your heart out?
Here's a song to kick those blues...
The choir harmonize in key now
Let's go to church, take off your shoes...
Now we'll be free!
I don't know another way to go
I can't see what's in front of me
God show me the way!
Track Name: Now my Mind is Empty
When my mind is empty, I can't pretend to know
Does paradise lye above me, are serpents down below
I wanna life you up, I don't wanna bring you down!
When my soul is flying' and I'm prepared to go
Will it feel like I'm set free or is there nothing at all
Now my mind is empty!
When my soul is flying, will the saints be buying?
When my heart is breaking, will my back still be aching?
When my freak flag stops flying, will it feel as if I'm really dying?
Now my Mind is Empty!
Track Name: ROSE
I'm in love...
But my rose was grown in the middle of the road
I can not run as fast as the cars that threaten to flatten my rose
The rain that blackens the road, still waters my rose
So far from home...
Track Name: Grace
I discovered love and life are on the shore
Sometimes waves crash, tide pulls hope right out to sea
Come on, we're waiting at the door
You've got to give a little more
You've got to live a little more
Do you see this face, I don't want you to give up
I want to see your grace flying' up and high above... me
I can't tell you all their schemes and all those plans
But their great expectations are very grand
They'll reach a fitting end...
Track Name: BABYS
The first thing you learn to do in life is cry
It's how you breathe the first breath of life
Some damn people say the pain never ends...
One day you're gonna say, I'm alone in this world
All the friends that I once had, they're all gone
Someday your gonna find a place for your self in this world
Just keep on looking for a sign of life out of this world
Now this world is counting on you
The earth, she really wants to pull herself through
She's gonna give you all she has for your needs
Don't forget to heal her when she bleeds...
Keep on looking for a sign of life out of this world
By falling down...
Track Name: Whiskey Song
You got drunk again last night
It took every bit of your will to avoid a fight
Stumbling out the door
In your arms a pretty little thing you never knew before
Jump back on that train
You better get out of town before you go insane
You've got so much to say when your whiskey has it's way!
So you wake up without no glory
'cause your gonna need this little girl just to tell your story
Of what you did last night
You wish you could remember 'cause she looks so right
Evil in a bottle, but it tastes so good and it feels so good...
It warms your bones and cools your woes...
Track Name: West Bound Train
Since I've been laying' here on the tracks, I don't want to go
All the way down to that river, 'cause flowing is far too much work
When I could easily lay it down and die on this sun baked earth
Wish I did not have to roam on that west bound train again
Ridin' it right into the ocean the same god damn way it began
When I saw you there having a ball, I felt so sick inside
As I remember it all, all the dreamin' I'd done fell on the floor
You know I could not stand at all, so I had to crawl across that floor
Track Name: The Light
If you go walking out at sunset, just when the trees are orange green
Somewhere morning is just beginning, the light's reflecting on the sea
What will you take with you to wonder, will there be worries on your mind
When you go walking thoughts are thunder, on that journey you will find
Truth is on the way now, when light's a silver ray
don't let it slip away now... you'll learn to rule the day!
When you were young they tried to tell you,
"if you get money you'll be free" Now realize they're trying to sell you
So you be you and I'll be me, Than we will truly be free!
Track Name: This Island Earth
The Sun will rise in the morning, here it comes now to dry your tears
The wind will blow a subtle warning, a whisper that will caress your ears
Water will fall and grow the flowers, midnight will call the wolves and owls
Sunlight will bathe the trees branches, don't hide in a cave
The world is turning all around, sometimes you're standing upside down
the gravity keeps you stuck with your feet on the ground
Don't let the earth shake you down, swim for your life or you will drown
Listen hard to the sound of love
A very long time ago, the raging sea was a volcano
The purple sky lit by stars, and time was slow... time was unknown
Moonlight will shine in colorless flashes
Hurricanes howl and pound the ground, don't hide in a cave...