This Island Earth

from by Monkey Limousine



The Sun will rise in the morning, here it comes now to dry your tears
The wind will blow a subtle warning, a whisper that will caress your ears
Water will fall and grow the flowers, midnight will call the wolves and owls
Sunlight will bathe the trees branches, don't hide in a cave
The world is turning all around, sometimes you're standing upside down
the gravity keeps you stuck with your feet on the ground
Don't let the earth shake you down, swim for your life or you will drown
Listen hard to the sound of love
A very long time ago, the raging sea was a volcano
The purple sky lit by stars, and time was slow... time was unknown
Moonlight will shine in colorless flashes
Hurricanes howl and pound the ground, don't hide in a cave...


from Monkey Limousine, released March 11, 2017
Jet Trego- guitar
Todd Kreutzer- Bass
Dennis Stahl- Percussion, guitar, keyboards, vocals



all rights reserved


Monkey Limousine Los Angeles, California

Monkey Limousine is an endless musical project with the intention of including all of my friends to eventually join me in at least one recording. So get ready to take a ride!

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